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An “Apartment Hotel” is the full name for the now more commonly used term “Aparthotel”. An aparthotel is a fresh type of fully serviced apartments aimed at the business traveller which uses the usual hotel style booking and check-in system, but instead is highly comparable to renting a fully furnished apartment. The main advantage of renting an aparthotel over a usual apartment for a business traveller is that you get the benefits of having you own fully furnished apartment, but with no fixed contract lengths, no further bills and the flexible of just renting it when required.

Instead of the usual standard layout of a hotel, aparthotels are usually contained in converted town houses or purpose built building and offer in comparison a very adaptable type of accommodation. An aparthotel building is usually built like a “home from home” fully fitted, fully furnished, apartment. Usually custom built they appear to be a hotel at first, but it’s when you get inside that you notice the real difference. Most have a full array of cooking facilities including an oven, microwave, hob, pots, pans, crockery and cutlery. In addition to the bedroom you will find the usual dining area and lounge area with TV, DVD and WiFi as standard. As business travellers that stay in aparthotels use them like they would their home you will always find then completely fitted with everything the usual home requires.

The significant increase in the number of aparthotels springing up throughout the world is said to be due to a change in value for business travellers. The new business traveller is not happy anymore simply stopping in a hotel with it’s restrictions as to where and when you can eat, drink etc. For travellers stopping for more than a few nights, businesses are finding that their employees want to stop in a more homely environment and have the freedom to cook and relax as if they were at their own home. So with the cost of an aparthotel being the same as a hotel, it makes complete sense to the business traveller to book an aparthotel for their stay and enjoy their freedom.

The length of stay in these apartment hotels is varied, but usually do require a minimum of 7 days so even require months or even years to secure the best rates.

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